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Perhaps your tummy problems are caused by an intolerance to food! We now offer Food Intolerance testing. Discover which major food groups in UK may be the cause of your tummy problems and other health issues.

This test starts at £149 for 75 individual food to be tested up to £350 for 150 individual foods to be tested

My clinic offers colonic treatments for a variety of different tummy issues including bloating, IBS, constipation/diarrhoea. My in-depth consultation helps us work together to identify the triggers that are affecting you

This video shows a hydrotherapy treatment taking place at my clinic, it's not as scary as you may think:

Your colon is your body’s sewerage system. If it’s clean - you can be well and happy.

And if it’s not clean?
Toxic substances move into your bloodstream and affect the smooth running of every organ, gland and cell.

You look and feel older, your eyes become dull, your joints become stiff and painful, your brain becomes sluggish. You start to lose the joy of living.

“I though my health would never improve…Even a conventional approach had not helped.
But then I discovered Barbra Perry and the Barbra Perry Health Clinic.
In just four treatments I can honestly say my life has changed.
I feel brighter, lighter and livelier.”

Tina A. Southampton


Do you look after yourself, go down the gym, eat healthy food and like to give yourself a Detox now and then or perhaps you like your inside as clean and healthy as your outside?

You are usually healthy and have recently been naughty? You want to get a fresh start?

You are bloated and uncomfortable. Going to the loo is an ordeal, you would like to have a flat tum and a happy bum.

You have to run to the loo and have problems with excessive gas.

You feel you have a intolerance to a main food group which is causing you health problems and you feel tired.

I provide colonics or testing which will give you the answers to a lot of your questions about 'why do I feel like this?'

Maybe you think you may have a yeast overgrowth or candida caused by excessive periods of stress or antibiotic use.

Good health begins on the inside. Yet so many people don’t take digestive problems seriously enough.

Modern day living and stress are major contributors to most digestive conditions.

"I have been into healthy living and eating for some years now and experienced a short course of colonic hydrotherapy when I lived in Canada.
Since returning to the UK I had spent about a year searching for someone who I could feel comfortable with to have colonics,
I had heard about Barbra Perry and decided to contact Barbra who was kind enough to spend a lot of her valuable time going through the different options for me and my specific problems.
I was more than happy to continue onto the treatment couch!

I found the clinic to be a very high standard of cleanliness and comfort and I honestly enjoyed the treatments which I had as Barbra was so comforting and reassuring.

The treatments were gentle and thorough and enabled me to reach new levels of awareness and health. I am deeply grateful."

Caroline Des-Rivieres Southampton

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