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I.T.E.C V.T.C.T. I.I.H.H.T. I.F.P.A. M.G.P.B.T. C.I.B.T. M.I.C.H.T.

“I always feel so comfortable with you. Your gentle manners and touch. Your encouraging talks… and most of all your after care.

That is the word that sums you up – you do CARE. Not only while the client is in your treatment room but what happens for them when they go home and their lifestyle.”

My name is Barbra Perry. I own and run the Barbra Perry Health Clinic. I’ve got a whole string of letters after my name that show how qualified I am, but those words “you do care” – they mean more to me than anything else.

It’s not a conveyor belt.

I tell my patients – “you’re not on a conveyor belt when you come to me for treatment.”
I put myself in their position, and that’s easy for me because, well, I’ve been there too.

I started training towards becoming a complementary health therapist in 1988. That’s when I first developed an interest in Colonic Hydrotherapy.

I had my first colonic treatment with the lovely late Dr Milo Siewert for my long-term struggle with chronic constipation in 1989. It did wonders for me.

As well as the constipation, it fixed my achey lower back, my energy levels went up and my eyes became clear, white and bright. Little did I know that I would be training and qualifying with Dr Siewert in years to come.

“All good things come to she who waits.”

I went on to achieve my first qualification in 1990. (Aromatherapy). This was my first step in a series of study and qualifications over many pleasurable years to come.

I got such positive results from my complementary therapy work. I was so thrilled, I just wanted to tell the whole world - so I wrote a series of complementary health courses and began teaching.

This was so successful that I opened 2 branches of the ‘Barbra Perry School of Natural Health’, one in Coventry and one in Southampton.

I have been privileged to teach overseas and I have taught in the USA, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Greece and France.

For me, Colonic Hydrotherapy is a catalyst in my career path. The care and comfort that I provide in the clinic - where I can use my extensive knowledge and skill to provide people with improved health and well being – this is the realisation of my life’s dream.

Let me share it with you.

If you’d like a chat about what my services can do for you, just give me a call now on
023 808 66499 or 07771 634897.

Or drop me an email:

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