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Frequently asked questions

So many people have digestive disorders but don’t do anything about them. Look at these two facts:

Fact 1: 1 in 4 of all admissions to UK general hospitals are connected with the digestive system.

Fact 2: Recent surveys show that the majority of people don’t consider digestive symptoms serious enough to consult a doctor.

Colonic hydrotherapy not only cleanses your colon, it exercises and tones it. colonics lessen your chance of developing colon cancer and it helps boost your immune system.

Q. What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

A. Colonic Hydrotherapy is an internal bath using fine, warmed water that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas, accumulated faecal matter and mucous deposits.

Using disposable sterilised equipment, warmed water is gently introduced into the rectum which progressively softens and allows faecal matter and compacted deposits to expel.

When the colon is relieved of the stress of sticky faecal matter it is healthier and performs the final stage of digestion, assisting the absorption of valuable nutrients into the body. The result is greater vitality.

Such techniques were first recorded in 1500 BC and have been used in traditional and naturopathic medicine since that time.

Q. Is colonic hydrotherapy for everyone?
Well for many it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, I often compare it to visiting the dental hygeinist

Barbra Perry is a gut health specialist and has developed programmes to help you if colonics is not for you at the moment. Barbra is always willing to discuss a different individual treatment programme to suit your circumstances.

Q. I have candida, can colonics help me?

A. I have worked with many people who have an overgrowth of candida and candida related problems i.e thrush. The treatment programme I have devised will ,with diet and herbal support reduce the excess candida down to an acceptable level and this level can be maintained.

Q. Why is a spring clean a minimum of 2 sessions?

A. Sometimes on a first treatment the bowel will only release 'willing' faecal matter. By having another colonic treatment the next day it is possible to release old sticky and impacted faecal matter. This provides a good fresh beginning to a new lifestyle.

Q. I have read about mucoidal plaque, what is this? and how can it be removed?
A. Mucoidal plaque is a layer of mucous that has changed texture and become 'rubbery' it lines the colon like an inner tube in a bicycle tyre preventing the colon from processing and absorbing essential nutrients. The best treatment for this condition that I have discovered is a 'spring clean' followed by a week of herbal capsules and then another 'spring clean'. I have seen fantastic results from this regime.

Q. How long does the average treatment last?

A. About 45 minutes on the couch but I like to get to know the client first, I need to understand their lifestyle as much as possible before I begin the treatment, and discuss any questions or concerns they may have.
So be prepared on your first visit to be with me about an hour and a half.

This is also an opportunity for a first time client to become familiar with the clinic surroundings and begin to relax.

Also I feel it is important after treatment to take some time to discuss how my client is feeling, also they may have fresh questions that need answering before leaving.

Q. Isn't colonic hydrotherapy just a glorified enema?

A. Colonic Hydrotherapy is more effective than an enema, since the whole colon is treated and water is not retained. It is best used as a complementary technique to other therapies. By improving elimination, response to dietary, homoeopathic, herbal, manipulative and other therapies is markedly improved.

Q. Is having colonics the same as taking laxatives?

A. Unlike laxatives colon therapy is non habit forming and improves bowel function.

I have been asked many times "if I have colonic hydrotherapy on a regular basis won't it make my bowel lazy making me rely on colonics to eliminate stools? As I don't want to have to take these treatments for the rest of my life!"

In my experience colonic hydrotherapy restores the bowel back to healthy motility (a toning-up for the gut) even after a lifetime of troubles and does no harm to the large intestine.

Q. Do I need to prepare myself in any way and do I need to bring anything with me?

A. There is no need to make any preparation for the treatment. Just take a light snack before you arrive

Q. Will the treatment hurt?

A. No, but occasionally clients can get some cramping during a treatment. This is more likely with IBS sufferers or people that hold a lot of gas. Gas is responsible for a lot of tenderness.

Q.Will there be any nasty smells or will I leak?
Because the waste flows away down a tube there is no smell and the tube is in position for the duration of the treatment.

Q. How do you protect against cross-contamination?

A. All equipment is disposable so no cross-contamination is possible

Q. Is just plain water used for the colonic treatment?

A. Yes the water is warm and filtered, to make it safe and comfortable.

Q. Will I be embarrassed?

A. I thought I would be embarrassed the first time I had a treatment but my therapist and teacher Milo, was so professional and made me feel private so I try to provide the same safe environment and really there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I try to make the client as relaxed and comfortable as possible. In fact apart from the initial insertion of the tube (which is about 2.5 cm long and the diameter is about 1.25 cm) you are kept completely private, soft blankets and a hospital gown keep you covered for the duration of the treatment

Q. How will I feel after my treatment?

A. You may feel sleepy as a colonic is very relaxing. Or you may feel very lively - it really depends on you and your body's reaction. Everyone is an individual and everyone's colon is individual

If you feel sleepy you are able to rest in the reception/sitting room until you feel you are ready to go.

Q. How will colonics help me over a long period of time?

A. Part of the treatment is lifestyle advice which is tailored for the individual. We will look at diet, fluid intake, exercise and stress.

Q. I work 9-5 and I have commitments so it is difficult for me to get time to come for a treatment?

A. No problem!

I am flexible to work early mornings so clients can go straight from their treatment to work. Appointment times ... day and evening appointments, some weekends, evenings after 6pm 'last appointment 7pm',

Q. I know colonic hydrotherapy is popular - is there much of a waiting list?

A. Well I do get busy, but at the moment you will never need to wait longer than 10 days.

Q. Is colonic hydrotherapy suitable for men and women?

A. Absolutely! it is suitable for anyone who wants to give their body the best chance of radiant health.

Q. Do you do gift vouchers for Easter (instead of eggs), Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just for saying 'I care about you'?

A. Yes I do.

Q. Do you take credit/debit cards?

A. No I don't have electronic facilities available

Q. Is my treatment completely confidential?

A. Yes, all client records are only accessible by me and I respect and protect your privacy completely. I comply to the Data Protection Act

Q. Is it true that there is more serotonin in the colon than the brain?

A. Serotonin is a naturally produced hormone - you may know it as the hormone that gets diminished and disturbed during long flights causing jet lag. Colonic treatments allow this hormone to be freely produced giving a feel good factor. This is a great support for people who get the 'blues' .

Q. Why are my stools hard and dry? I drink plenty of water!

A. This is a very complicated question and I prefer to answer this after your second treatment

Q. What are the causes of constipation?

A. There are many reasons, but contributing factors to poor movement in the gut, are lack of exercise, dehydration, excessive gas, skipped meals, time factors, stress, being elderly, M.S, prescribed medication and being overweight.

Q. I have been constipated for many years. Can I retrain my colon?

A. Yes, the movement of the water flow with colonic hydrotherapy helps to re-educate the muscles that control the colon.

Chinese medicine believes the optimum time to empty your bowels is between 5 and 7 am so after your treatments for your home programme you will be encouraged to select that time to visit the bathroom. This also helps your mind to be focused.

Bowel movements can be habitually good and habitually bad.

Q. Why do I get diarrhoea or an explosive bowel movement?

A. . This is complex question and there is no quick answer, I will discuss this as consultation.

Q. I get a lot of mucus

A. This is also one to be discussed.

Q. I have regular bowel movements so would colonics be beneficial?

A. Colonics seem to be beneficial to everyone. Relaxation, sparkling eyes, improved complexion and a increased sense of well-being are the bonus points.

Q. I travel abroad frequently. Is colonic hydrotherapy something that would benefit me?

A. Yes indeed. However there are three points here:

1. Long flights, pressurised cabins and being confined often make the bowel sluggish until you get back into your routine.
2. Unfamiliar food and water and using other people's loo's can often upset the your routine, so colonic hydrotherapy helps to re-balance the system.
3. Travellers can return home with small unwelcome visitors that they are unaware they have bought through customs. Yes, sorry to say folks but worms and parasites often make us say, 'I had a great holiday but I am tired and haven't really felt right since I came home!'

Colonic hydrotherapy actually is the best post holiday present you can buy yourself. I treat a lot of aircrew

Some people take a treatment before they go and take recommended herbs from me just to be on the safe side.

Book a treatment - which you find surprisingly relaxing!. Mildly comforting, even.

And then you emerge from your treatment. You feel bright, awake, revitalised and sparkling – and in better health than you ever thought possible.

That’s what Colonic Hydrotherapy can do for you.

We will work together.

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