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Treatments and prices

If you are a newcomer to Colonic Hydrotherapy or if you haven't had treatment for some time, 'The Spring Clean' is your necessary first step.

The Spring Clean consists of two treatments taken within approximately 24 hours of each other. In my experience I discovered that Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments are best taken in quick succession to give the maximum benefit.

You will naturally relax and feel more confident with the treatment on the second day, as your colon is happier to eliminate more freely and effectively.


Spring Clean - both treatments within 24 hours (2 sessions) - £95.00

Single (maintenance) Session - £60.00

Deep Cleanse - course of 4 treatments including deep cleansing and balancing herbs (recommended for constipates) - £185.00


My well researched and proven candida control programme includes some dietary changes

* Detailed lifestyle information sheet

* System cleansing and restorative products will be needed for 5 months

* Colonics

DEEP CLEANSE - £185.00

* Optional products

Chromium blood sugar regulator
Zylitol natural sugar substitute

ULTIMATE DETOX - This programme can also be used as a follow on from the Candida course above.

Consisting of colon cleanses, mucoidal plaque reduction and detox. The course includes 5 colonic treatments, herbal cleanse, guidelines for juice fasting, liver support, liver detox and organic coffee enema - £350.00.
All nutritional advice is included.

The coffee enema is in a class by itself!. Coffee administered into the large colon stimulates production of bile from the liver. This bile carries with it accumulated toxins from the liver. 'great for cellulite'

The coffee used for treatment is 'Gerson' (not drinkable) and 'totally organic'

I do not have a chip and pin so payments are in cash

Sometimes going to the local health shop for your vitamins and minerals can be a bit hit and miss! The member of staff could be busy with another customer. You may have read that something is very good for a problem that you feel you have so you take it for a while and notice not a scrap of difference.

Are you wasting your money? are you taking supplements that are not benefiting you and perhaps throwing your body further out of balance! Is your body able to absorb supplements or even able to absorb your food?

Pin Prick blood tests for intolerance's. This analysis will discover which foods you will need to eliminate from your diet. Removal of foods that stress your system will provide you with new found vitality.

Colon health through PROBIOTICS

Our natural levels of good bacteria are reduced by every day factors such as stress, ageing, travel, high sugar levels additives/preservatives in our food, medicines, e.g antibiotics, the pill, .

The imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut can lead to poor immunity, digestive discomfort and lack of energy and vitality.

Symptoms include
BLOATING, I.B.S, sluggish or irregular bowels, CONSTIPATION, diarrhoea, indigestion, thrush, candida overgrowth, lactose/wheat intolerance, acne, eczema, ongoing regular infections, coughs and colds

For the right products, for comfortable and happy colons choose the wonderful probiotics available from me or if you prefer I can direct you to the internet to order for yourself directly

I am available on e-mail or 023 80866499
I am fully comprehensively insured with Balens for all the various therapies I am qualified in and practice

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